Q. Is there a tracker small and safe enough for my cat? A. Yes, the world's first GPS Cat tracker, Pawtrack.com

Pawtrack.com weighs just 50g, and comes with a fully elasticated safety collar.

It is the only GPS tracker which will work safely and effectively with your cat.

Q. I want to know where my cat was last night? A. Find out now with Pawtrack.com

Pawtrack.com checks its location every ten minutes, and can store and transmit this location to our server.

Pawtrack.com will work anywhere in the world where there is mobile phone coverage, and outdoors is accurate to three metres.

Q. I need to know where my cat is, RIGHT NOW! A. Logon at Pawtrack.com, for real time trackin

Pawtrack.com uses one of the most sensitive Helical antenna in the world, giving you the most accurate positioning data possible.

By logging on at www.pawtrack.com, you can receive the latest position of your cat.

Q. How can I stop my cat wandering too far from home? A. Logon, and set a virtual boundary at www.pawtrack.com

You will receive email alerts to your desktop and smartphone as soon as the collar recognises that your cat is outside of its boundary.

Logon and find your cat's location, and let us keep an eye on him.

Q. Is my cat being fed up the street at the weekends? A. See where your cat's been, any time in the last 30 day

Pawtrack.com records your cat's position every ten minutes, and on demand. These locations are stored on our server.

You can see an animated display of your cat's position at anytime over the last 30 days.

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  • Pawtrack.com pets have travelled an average 14.51 miles from home in the last 24 hours
  • Lumi, a Domestic Short Hair has travelled 149.20 miles from home in the last 24 hours
  • There are currently 33 alert(s) for low batteries
  • A boundary has been set for MAX
  • New positions have just been updated for Felix

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